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Our Story

Taste Charming International Trading Ltd. (TCI) is the subsidiary of Lis Foods as well as sole agent of the food service brand ‘Caterlink’ in Hong Kong. Lis Foods was established in 2011 and became the leading fruit products enterprises, including planting, production, comprehensive processing technology and supply chain systems in full-service in China. We committed to the search for unique, healthy, delicious, high-quality snacks foods around the world, through our efforts to bring the highest quality and healthy products to every family.


Our vision

Believing the healthy trend in coming era especially the applications on fruit, a team of professionals with expertise in not only the food processing industry but also in dairy and other food related industries coming together to make a difference to the industry.


Stable Supply

Compared with fresh fruits and vegetables, the market supply of dried & frozen fruits are quite stable. With our supply chain and seasonal planning, they can be supplied continuously throughout the year with a prolonged shelf life after processing. In average, the price is less sensitive to fluctuations in the big market.

Consistent Quality

Well, consistency with quality means value, and value means happy experience. Throughout our strict and high standard of quality assurance procedure, we always promise to provide consistent quality offerings to our customers, to help them to grow the business together.

Image by Maja Petric

Wide Varieties

Wide varieties is always our merchandising strategy that relies on an impressive range of goods to support our customers to develop different applications. From dried fruits, freeze-dried products, coconut series and frozen fruits, we offer more than 300skus throughout the year.

We grow ours
fresh fruits worldwide

Global planting and sourcing are our key strategies to offer year-round fruity solutions to our customers.

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Factory Process

We deeply aware of the importance of food safety, our production lines have passed BRC, ISO22000, HACCP, GMP and other management certification.


Our Partners

We are serving different channels in HK and China such as retail gourmet shops, food factories, bakery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, café, hotels and online channels.

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Main Customers in China_20220406.jpg

We are your professional fruit solution partner

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