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What Makes Us Different


Specializing in an extensive range of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable products

100% Natural Ingredients

Believing natural is the best, we try our best to offer natural only products

Just Picked Freshness

Quality Assurance is always the top of our mind, supported with various food safety standards


Immunity the Way Nature Intended

Believing the healthy trend in coming era especially the applications on fruit, a team of professionals with expertise in not only the food processing industry but also in dairy and other food related industries coming together to make a difference to the industry.

Fruit & Vegetables


Dried Fruit

We provide wide range dried fruits with different fruit processing technology such as dehydration, freeze dried and vacuum fried. They are perfect snacks & ingredients with different texture and flavour.


Drinks & Dessert Series

New & innovative products for making wonderful fruity tea drink in just a few steps. It provides you wide choice, convenience and cost saving which is perfect for your drink recipes.


Bravo Season
Healthy Snack

3 main series for Bravo Season healthy and delicious snacks: dehydrated fruits, freeze-dried fruits and crispy snacks. They create different levels of enjoyment. They are available on HKTV Mall. 


Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Our different kinds of frozen fruits give you convenience and taste of ripe. They provide versatile usage application such as dessert, bakery, drinks, smoothie & salad without mess of fresh.


Ambient Fruits & Vegetables

We provide high quality and wide range of ambient fruits and vegetable products such as puree, juice and fruit pulp to cater your different needs of drinks, smoothies and desserts.

Image by Tijana Drndarski

Coconut Series

The best coconut products are picked from different origins such as Thailand, Hainan, Vietnam and Indonesia. They satisfy you with wide range dishes from dessert to hot pot with strong coconut aroma & taste.

Image by Brooke Lark


Includes Bakery, Drinks,
Hotpot and Restaurant

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